General Assembly First Committee — Press Conference

By Yucheng GU

Day two was an extremely stressful day for the United Times as the press conference is a new section introduced to the CologneMUN2018. Thus the entire team was stepping into an area unknown to all. Nervousness was in the eyes of everyone, I, myself, almost experienced my first panic attack ever while questioning the representatives during the first press conference.

At the time the press team came to DISEC for the press conference, I was already feeling the familiar and confident with the entire concept and was about to really push for the limits during the press conference. It is, after all, our deed, as United Times journalists, to report as realistically and detailed as possible to our readers about the progress that committees had during the sessions.

The moment when the press team stepped into the room, there was a sort of happiness in the air. The draft resolution which DISEC had been working on since day one was passed as an actual legal document during the session RIGHT before the press conference. This would explain why representatives were so excited to present their results to the United Times.

The biggest issue, which accurses across all committees at CologneMUN2018, is the solutions presented tend to be vague and not bounding. The question of funding is often forgotten or ignored as a direct result. DISEC representatives, eager to present their results, found themselves cornered by questions from the press team throughout the press conference.

The delegate of Germany had to announce that the resolution, when confronted by the press team concerning the resolution being rather weak, were only a start of the effort put forward by the international community. And while talking about the issue of national information security, the delegate of Russia went as far as shouting at press team members calling the author and his co-journalists “fake new” although the United Times sees itself with all self-respect and integrity as an independent free press with PassBlue as its moral example.

Beyond any doubt, the press conference was still mostly productive for both the press team and the committee members, as it helped to clarify all paragraphs of resolution. Hopefully the DISEC committee can take the aspects pointed out during the press conference as a lesson and incorporate it into its work on Day 3.


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