Sixth Committee of the General Assembly — Press Conference

By Emilia KLIX

Today, the first press conference of Cologne MUN 2018 was held at the Legal Committee. The delegates, who were nominated and voted to represent the committee,

were given five minutes in order to present what happened so far and then, for the following ten minutes, they got questioned by the members of the Press.

Five members of the United Times listened to the Member States’ presentations by the People’s Republic of China, United States, Republic of France and Dominican Republic.

The delegate of the Dominican Republic started, explaining what had been discussing in general – Topic A: Jus ad Bellum – the Right to Go to War. The other delegates then furthermore elaborated on that.

When being asked about what exactly had been decided on the issue of pre-emptive self-defence, the issues that the Committee faced regarding effectiveness became even more obvious. The discussion’s outcome appeared to be limited to a general recognition of the need to be able to strike against non-state actors and that time is an important factor. The discussion regarding further definitions were not presented in the Press Conference.

Regarding the addition of non-permanent members to the United Nation Security Council(UNSC), it was very interesting that the P5 delegates did not seem to regard that as a threat to their power in the UNSC.

A question to the U.S.A about specific actions regarding Humanitarian Intervention was answered by emphasizing the general importance of that issue.

All in all, the impression given to the United Times is that several issues need more specific elaboration. Hopefully the Draft Resolution provides a solution for that.


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