Sixth Committee of the General Assembly — Press Release

From: The Delegation of France and the Delegation of the United States of America

We were saddened to see that instead of participating in the debate during an unmoderated caucus, our Committees Members decided to write a defamatory and misleading press release.

Intervention in case if humanitarian crisis is an important topic. Unfortunately, armed conflict and illegal war practices, such as the use chemical weapons, continues while the United Nations Security Council has been unable to intervene and protect. The majority of our Committee agrees, passing motion after motion to fully debate the topic.

It is incorrect to assert that we are pushing through this topic against the wishes of half the committee. Rather the press release was written by a disgruntled minority who is more interested in playing ‘the blame game’ and blocking any productive discussion.

Intervention in case of humanitarian crisis saves lives. We believe we have a moral imperative to protect innocent civilians and save people from the scrounges if war as set out in the United Nations Charter.

We were disheartened to see that our fellow comittee members care more about defaming us then saving innocent civilians.